Nathan Granner – Tenor
Nathan Granner – Tenor

Lauded American tenor Nathan Granner captivates audiences with his eloquent voice and commanding stage presence, traversing from the lyrical narratives of classical opera to the bold frontiers of contemporary compositions. In each role, he exudes passionate depth and a commanding presence, solidifying his reputation as a vanguard figure in the operatic world.


Granner's operatic chops shine through in demanding roles showcasing his range and innate acting abilities. His portrayals of Mario Cavaradossi in "Tosca" (Opera Orlando), Don José in "Carmen" (Opera Santa Barbara), alongside his profound depiction of Korey Wise in the Pulitzer Prize-winning opera  "The Central Park Five" (Portland Opera & Long Beach Opera) attest to his versatility and commitment to bringing intricate characters to life with emotional authenticity.  


In the studio, Granner has recently completed recording two albums for the prestigious Pentatone label, further embellishing his already rich discography. These anticipated releases represent his deep-seated respect for the classical canon, as well as his enthusiasm for exploring modern opera's expressive new frontiers. One album features a collection of fourteen resplendent Classical Epoch arias for tenor with Opera de Marseille, showcasing his mastery of the traditional repertoire. The other, a new version of Gordon Getty's "Goodbye, Mr. Chips," promises to be a significant addition to his discography, following the positive reception of the 2021 film adaptation of the same opera.


This spring, Granner ventures into groundbreaking territory. He'll take on the multifaceted role of Bobby Riggs in Laura Karpman and Gail Collins' "Balls," a daring opera capturing the essence of the controversial "Battle of the Sexes" 1973 match between Billie Jean King and the "semi-infamous" Riggs. Simultaneously, he'll portray Hans Sachs' Trainer in David T. Little's "Vinkensport, or The Finch Opera," further solidifying his reputation and narrative prowess.  


Beyond the traditional stage, Granner extends his artistic reach with inspiring initiatives. "Including Goodbye Mr. Chips," He breathes life into iconic characters like Rob Hall in the animated graphic novel film "Everest" with his poignant vocals. He also actively cultivates future opera appreciation through "Sing Out Loud," a program he co-founded with his wife, renowned soprano Jamie Chamberlin. This initiative fosters future generations' engagement with opera, ensuring its enduring relevance.


Acclaim for Granner's talents abounds, characterized by praises for his "clear and sweet lyrical tone" and his ability to connect with audiences through profound emotional depth. His upcoming roles and projects continue to stoke anticipation and excitement, promising seasons rich with his artistic exploration, vibrant performances, and a passion for connecting with audiences new and old alike.


Nathan Granner's illustrious career, marked by an enduring presence in the operatic world, exemplifies the modern tenor. He embraces traditional operatic expression while venturing into novel territory with artistic zeal and adaptability. His work is not only a testament to the transformative power of music, but also as harbinger of its future, embodying the artistic innovation and audience engagement that are so deeply cherished in the current musical landscape of opera and classical music.

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