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The Verdi Chorus first started performing in 1983 at the old Verdi Ristoranti di Musica in Santa Monica under the direction of soprano, and former Pasadena City College opera program director, Anne Marie Ketchum de la Vega, our Artistic Director. The Verdi Chorus presents two concerts each year as well as other collaborative events, and brings the beauty of grand opera choruses to community audiences. It offers performance opportunities to both aspiring and established singers.

  • Anne Marie Ketchum
  • Laraine Ann Madden
  • AVA Gala-2016
  • 30th Anniversary
  • Chorus Members Singing
    7-Chorus Singing

Our Recent Concert:

Amore della Vita

Tiffany Ho

Sarah Salazar

Megan Lindsey McDonald

Ariana Stultz

Joseph Gárate

Elias Berezin

Verdi Chorus Our Recent Concert:


2017 Chorus